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Darkstar - a white tom with dark brown, almost black, eyes, and dark ginger paws
Apprentice: Lostpaw

Snaketounge - a black she-cat with white paws, and dark green eyes
Apprentice: Demonpaw

Medicine Cat
Berrymist - a black she-cat with white paws, and light green eyes
Apprentice: Whiskershade

Driftshade - a small, dark ginger tom with darker ginger paws, muzzle and dark green eyes
Apprentice: Shatteredpaw
Aspenstep - a pure white tom, with blue eyes, and black ears
Frostbite - a pure white tom, with unforgetable violet eyes, and black ears
Firebird - a pure white she-cat with dark, dark brown, almost black, eyes
Songbird - a beautiful red she-cat, with long, flowing fur, a white muzzle, chest, and under belly, and green eyes
Apprentice: Wolfpaw
Thrushpelt - a gray tabby tom, with a white under belly and bright blue eyes
Vixensong - a red she-cat with white paws and forearms, and a white tail tip with green eyes

Whiskershade - a large blind, black tom with whte paws and white ears
Lostpaw - a handsome, dark clouded blue tom, with auburn stripes and clouded blue eyes
Shatteredpaw - a jet-black she-cat with green eyes and white patches on her face that look like shattered ice
Wolfpaw - a silver tom with black stripes, and amber eyes
Demonpaw - a black she-cat with a left red eye and a blue right eye (even tho it's genetically impossible for a completely black cat to have blue eyes, and a cat to have red eyes, I do favortism!)

Dappledpond - a beautiful White she cat dappled with gold and green eyes
~ Shadekit: a dark gray tom with light green eyes
~ Gemkit: a white tom with ginger dapples and yellow eyes
~ Foxkit: a dark ginger she-cat with darker ginger paws, muzzle and dark green eyes

Pinedapple - a white she-cat with ginger dapples on her back, and gray eyes
Sootbranch - a gray tom with one ginger stripe on his back, and gray eyes



Treestar - a dark brown tabby tom, with amber eyes and unsual long claws

Nightfire - a small, lithe, black she-cat with long, flowing fur, minty eyes with red-gold specs, and a slightly torn ear

Medicine Cat
Snowswirl - a pure white fluffy she-cat with curly fur and bright blue eyes, knees are scared from constant trips and falls

Willowbark - a dark brown, almost black tom with hazel eyes
Apprentice: Shiftingpaw
Darkpelt - a lavender tom with black dapples and green eyes
Heatherfur - a tan she-cat with a brown under belly and hazel eyes
Apprentice: Ashpaw
Thornwhisker - a short calico she-cat with yellow and green eyes
Sageflame - a white she-cat with red dapples
Apprentice: Tawnypaw

Shiftingpaw - a long haired, short, very light cream-colored she-cat with specs of a slightly darker shade of cream, watery blue eyes, and a nick on her left ear
Tawnypaw - a tawny colored she-cat with white paws and amber eyes
Ashpaw - a gray tom with black stripes and green eyes

Lightheart - a white she-cat and blue eyes


Sunstar - a yellow tabby tom with darker yellow stripes, and green eyes

Rainstorm - a handsome short haired, black tom with a white left front paw, dark blue eyes, a long tail, who is very lean and muscular

Medicine Cat
Cinderfire - a light gray tortoishell she-cat with odd white eyes
Apprentice: Littleflight

Spiritsky - a slim black she cat with silver tiger stripes, white spots, three white paws, white ear tips, white tail tip and sky blue eyes
Apprentice: Silverpaw
Swiftfang - a pure white tom, with green eyes and black ears
Beefang - a white she-cat, with black stripes and green eyes
Whispermoon - a brown tabby tom, with green eyes
Apprentice: Crowpaw
Freckletail - a light brown she-cat with green eyes

Littleflight - a small white she-cat with a tan and darker tan tail top, light tan left front paw, and markings on her face and ears, with dark amber eyes
Crowpaw - a dark gray tom, with a slightly lighter shade of gray back, muzzle, chest, tail, forepaws, and a lighter gray tail tip and paws, and bright amber eye
Silverpaw - a light gray she cat, with darker gray stripes and a white chest, and darker gray markings on her face, with very light, almost white, blue eyes

Berrymist - a cream colored she cat with black spots and long fur, she has a black tail tip and a long scar underneath her eye, she has light pink eyes
~ Brightkit: orange tabby tom kit, with gray eyes
~ Tulipkit: gray she-kit with violet eyes
~ Adderkit: brown tabby tom kit with, blue eyes
Cherryheart - a small ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes
~ Acornkit: a ginger tabby tom with a white ear tip on his left ear, white front paws, and a white tail tip, and blue eyes
~ Pinekit: a gray tom with a white under belly and ginger patches with darker ginger stripes on each patch, white paws and white tail tip
~ Cloverkit: a small white she-cat with gray and ginger dapples, darker ginger stripes on each ginger dapple, and sea green eyes



Asterstar - a white she-cat with black feet and blue eyes, who always has an aster tucked in her mane

Polarpuff - a white she-cat with black feet and blue eyes

Medicine Cat
Blizzard-eyes - a white she-cat with black feet and blue eyes 

Frozenpelt - a blue tom with black stripes and amber eyes
Apprentice: Jaggedpaw
Tearfall - a white tom with blue stripes leading from his eyes to his jaw
Apprentice: Lightpaw
Ravenglow - an all black tom with blue eyes
Apprentice: Fallenpaw

Fallenpaw - a black tom with blue eyes and a white chest
Lightpaw - a white tom with black ears and paws, and green eyes
Jaggedpaw - a brown tom with black stripes along his legs and blue eyes



~The OG Clans are fighting (sides are Blood x Shadow, Wind x Sky, Thunder x River) and a bunch of cats go missing

~Each Clan thinks the other sides took them and they fight more vioently

Chapter One-

~Lostpaw is a rogue named Courage, Courage is found by a DeathClan apprentice named Wolfpaw, Wolfpaw attacks Courage and the leader stops them.

~Courage tells them that he was just lost, and Darkstar invites Courage to join the Clan

~He thinks about it for a bit

~Courage says yes, the go back to camp to have his apprentice cerimony

~Darkstar becomes his mentor