This is MoonClan

Live out your life...

Clockstar ~ a short haired, ginger cat with black paws and black spots on lower back, and blue eyes with flame specs (xe/xer/xem)

Emberfrost ~ a red she-cat with white legs and a white tail and deep, dark, blue eyes (she/her)

Medicine Cat:
Shatteredmask~ a jet-black she-cat with green eyes and white patches on her face that look like shattered ice (she/her)
Apprentice: Brightmoon

Lostsoul~ a long haired, handsome dark cloudy blue tom, with auburn stripes and clouded blue eyes (he/him)
Wolfsong~ a short haired, handsome silver tom, with black stripes and amber eyes (he/him)
Hollysong ~ a black she-cat with purple eyes and one white paw (she/her)

Honeypelt ~ a short haired, ginger she-cat with white paws (she/her)
- Clockstar

Brightmoon ~ a black she-cat, with a white underbelly and face, scattered with black and white rosettes, and deep blue eyes clouded over with blindness (she/her)



Clockstar - Head Mod (my word overrules all)
Emberfrost - The Helpful Bee (controls Allegiances and Roleplays)
Shatteredmask - 3rd Mod (controls the fan-fic)